Thanks to its thermal efficiency, its strength and its versatile design, the Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger has proven since 1930 to be essential in fields as various as Refineries, Petrochemical, Oil&Gas or Environment.

Able to work in extreme conditions (of pressure and temperature), this single channel heat exchanger, with self-cleaning effect, has become the alternative to the shell & tube exchangers.

Nexson Group designs, develops and manufactures your spiralheat exchanger in the formable and weldable materials of your choice ( GreenSpiral™ ) More compact and 3 times more thermally efficient than tubular heat exchangers, this Spiral heat exchanger provides substantial savings in installation, operation and maintenance.

Our Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers are made of 2 concentric channels on which spacer pins are welded to form the channel’s gaps. Each channel gap and the width of the channels are selected to meet each Customer’s specific requirement and working conditions. It permits to take into account the flow rates, the sizes of the particles for fouling fluids and the pressure drops. These spacer pins facilitate turbulent flow in each channel.


  • Single channel
    The single channel flow of our heat exchangers makes it a unique feature in the world.
  • Self cleaning effect
    Thanks to the single channel configuration, a turbulent flow is created to handle tough medias.
    As it is a single channel heat exchanger, if there is any cross section reduction inside the channel, flow velocity will increase flushing out the deposit.
  • Fouling duties
    Originally the spiral plate heat exchanger was mainly used in the pulp and paper industry where fouling problems were frequent when using classical shell and tube exchangers (or multi channels heat exchangers) due to fibers in the effluents.
  • Tough process conditions
    Because of their robust construction Nexson spiral heat exchangers are meant to handle cycling duties. Nexson spiral heat exchangers can expand without mechanical failure when pressured or by increase in temperature.

Spiral plate heat exchangers can be manufactured in any material that can be formed and welded (carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex, super-duplex, titanium, nickel alloys, etc…) – SA 516 Gr60, SA 516 Gr70, 304 / 304L, 316 / 316L, UNS S310803, UNS S32205, UNS S32750, 904L, 254 SMO, C276, C22, C2000, Titanium…

Nexson spiral heat exchangers are used for a design pressure from full vacuum to 80 barg and at -200°C design temperature to 450°C.

Nexson Group supplies a wide range of spiral heat exchangers from customized to standardunits.

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