Waste gas cleaning

Cooling – absorption – dedusting – conveying

The gas enters the jet scrubber from the side. The motive fluid acts as a scrubbing medium and direct current injects it to the gas and into the scrubber. The gas is accelerated due to the impulse exchange with the motive fluid. This results in conveying flow, enabling an increase in the gas pressure.

Depending on the design of the plant, this rise in pressure means that the internal flow resistance of the plant and the resistance in adjacent pipes can be overcome. Therefore, the jet scrubber replaces a mechanical ventilator in many cases.

The level of power transmission manifests itself in a jet scrubber’s pressure gain. Because the scrubbing medium is sprayed through nozzles, the cylindrical section of the scrubber is filled with a full cone and reaches the large phase interface area between the gas and the liquid which is required for the basic operations.


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