Refrigeration System

Our brazed plate heat exchanger is an indispensable element of the refrigeration system.

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General Industries – Rinsing Process

In order to clean/wash/rinse the product effectively, hot water is supplied heating up theough the heat exchanger.

These applications are often seen in the bottling process, plate glass process and so on.

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Instrumentation and Control.

At Flowproen we specialize in providing solutions to industries by reducing costs and optimizing processes.

We present our Instrumentation and Control business unit.


  • Selection of instruments for process control and optimization.
  • P&ID design.
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning.
  • Calibration.

Process control:

  • Selection of the process control system according to the needs and scale of the process.
  • Programming of systems based on PLC and DCS Siemens, Rockwell Automation and Schneider.Programming of Siemens, Rockwell
  • Automation and Schneider HMI and SCADA systems.
  • Programming of DDC systems optimized for HVAC and Honeywell thermal fluid handling processes.
  • Migration of existing systems to new technologies.
  • Optimization and modification of existing systems.

Data acquisition and remote telemetry:

  • Interconnection of instruments and control system to ERP/MES systems.
  • Local and remote data acquisition in the cloud.
  • Telemetry and access via web intranet / internet to process variables.
  • Interconnection with databases.


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Heat recovery from dust-loaded exhaust air. “Process Therm”

Process Therm recovers heat from dust-loaded air. The recovered heat is typically used for pre-heating incoming air, but can also be used to produce for example district heating. Process Therm can be installed in new plants or easily retrofitted into existing plants.

The open space between the thermo plates ensures that the Process Therm manages the dust-loaded air well, and that the unit can be run at a low air pressure drop(< 500 Pa). Condensation of moisture increases the amount of recovered heat and thereby gives you a faster return on investment.

The CIP nozzles on top of the exchanger ensure that plates are easy to clean without expensive interruptions during production.

Flowproen can deliver anything from a single Process Therm unit to a complete package including transition pieces, pre-heater and pump station for the circulation water.

We can also advise on other purposes of Process Therm like the production of district heating.

Product advantage: 

Maintenance-free in dust loaded air.

No expensive interruptions since cleaning takes place during production through CIP system.

Faster return on investment.

Low maintenance cost.

Compact design and simple installation.

Good thermal operating efficiency due to high heat transfer coefficients.

Enhanced heat recovery through condensation of moisture.

Long life due to stable and durable corrosion resistant materials.

Air flow from 000 to 300.000 kg/h.

Heat duty from 50 kW to 10 MW.

Fields of application: 

All processes with the presence of large amounts of dust in the discharge air (such as spray dryers)

For example in food, chemical, wood, paper and textile industries.

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Energy saving relevance in argentine industries.

Energy saving relevance in argentine industries

Our CEO Andrés Barco will participate as a speaker on an online meeting organized by Argentine Portuguese Business Chamber.

The meeting’s name is Energy efficiency in Argentina: CABA and PBA look and energy saving as a solution in productive processes.

Wednesday 25/11 – 11hs (Arg)

Free activity with previous inscription and limited places.

👉 Save your place entering this link:

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Food & Beverage.

This is the well-known process to sterilize the beverage. Heat it up to certain temperature and hold it to sterilize for a period (usually a few seconds to a minute) After that, it goes to be cooled down. Not only for the beverage, milk, milk product, soya, sauce, liquid, sugar, alcohol and any other liquor has also the same application.

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Energy generation.

While LNG is gasified to use as a fuel, LNG is heated up by burning itself. Focusing on the latent heat of LNG, this heat can generate chilled water. Of course no longer burner is required. This idea is applicable not only for LNG, but also LN2, LHe, etc.

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¡We will be at EXPONOR Chile 2019 from May 27th to 30th!

EXPONOR is the technologies and innovations for mining international exhibition.

With its CEO, Andres Gustavo Barco, Flowproen will be present at the exhibition at stand 402 of the silver pavilion.

Learn more about the event activities at

You can start with the accreditation process here

The international exhibition is being considered as the greatest milestone of the industry of its recovery period and has established as one of the most important mining event of this year.

¡We will be waiting for you at our stand!

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Cursos de capacitación para Intercambiadores de Calor a Placas

Conocé nuestros cursos de capacitación para Intercambiadores de Calor a Placas para procesos productivos 💡

👉 Los cursos se realizan en nuestra empresa y son dictados por el Ingeniero Andres Barco, con más de quince años de experiencia capacitando y realizando diseños de múltiples equipos para aplicaciones como Química, Aceitera, Biocombustibles, Alimenticia, Gas y Petróleo.

✔ Análisis de casos reales
✔ Debate entre los participantes

Nuestra capacitación esta compuesta de dos módulos, y tiene una duración total de 8 horas

Módulo 1: Tecnología de intercambio de calor a placas
Módulo 2: Mantenimiento preventivo y predictivo de intercambiadores de calor a placas.

Las vacantes son limitadas ‼

👨‍🏫 Destinado a Ingenieros de procesos, Supervisores
de mantenimiento y/o Gerentes de mantenimiento, con un mínimo de 3 años de experiencia en el puesto

📩 Interesados enviar un correo a para recibir más información!

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