Flowproen present at the “Energy Efficiency Expo 2022”

From August 25th to 27th, Flowproen was present again at the ” “Energy Efficiency Expo 2022”

During the entire exhibition, more than 500 people visited our booth and talked with the Flowproen team about their products, services and energy efficiency solutions.

We were also able to talk with colleagues and professionals from other booths about the importance of energy saving and environmental care in the national industry.

In the main auditorium our CEO Andres Barco presented a success story with our customer Retak who accompanied us and gave technical specifications of what was achieved with our equipment and the benefits in their plant in the province of Entre Rios.

We have quality products that adapt to the needs of each customer and are aimed at a wide range of industrial sectors. Our international suppliers guarantee the quality of the products we use.

We are the solution for your production processes.

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Work in Femsa’s high pressure compressor room

At Flowproen we are working at the Femsa Plant (Monte Grande, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) in the auxiliary services sector of the plant, to audit and detect improvements in the reduction of operating costs and emissions to the environment.

The objective of the work is to survey the process and propose improvements to the installations of the different services (water, steam, effluents, air, among others)

Flowproen’s team is performing analysis, evaluation and implementation work to meet the project objectives. Providing technical assistance, advising our client to ensure a correct implementation.

Once the work is completed, we deliver a detailed technical report with the improvement proposals at the process level, with the preparation of complete P&ID drawings.

Thank you Femsa for trusting Flowproen to provide energy saving and environmental care solutions.

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Refrigeration System

Our brazed plate heat exchanger is an indispensable element of the refrigeration system.

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General Industries – Rinsing Process

In order to clean/wash/rinse the product effectively, hot water is supplied heating up theough the heat exchanger.

These applications are often seen in the bottling process, plate glass process and so on.

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Instrumentation and Control.

At Flowproen we specialize in providing solutions to industries by reducing costs and optimizing processes.

We present our Instrumentation and Control business unit.


  • Selection of instruments for process control and optimization.
  • P&ID design.
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning.
  • Calibration.

Process control:

  • Selection of the process control system according to the needs and scale of the process.
  • Programming of systems based on PLC and DCS Siemens, Rockwell Automation and Schneider.Programming of Siemens, Rockwell
  • Automation and Schneider HMI and SCADA systems.
  • Programming of DDC systems optimized for HVAC and Honeywell thermal fluid handling processes.
  • Migration of existing systems to new technologies.
  • Optimization and modification of existing systems.

Data acquisition and remote telemetry:

  • Interconnection of instruments and control system to ERP/MES systems.
  • Local and remote data acquisition in the cloud.
  • Telemetry and access via web intranet / internet to process variables.
  • Interconnection with databases.


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Heat recovery from dust-loaded exhaust air. “Process Therm”

Process Therm recovers heat from dust-loaded air. The recovered heat is typically used for pre-heating incoming air, but can also be used to produce for example district heating. Process Therm can be installed in new plants or easily retrofitted into existing plants.

The open space between the thermo plates ensures that the Process Therm manages the dust-loaded air well, and that the unit can be run at a low air pressure drop(< 500 Pa). Condensation of moisture increases the amount of recovered heat and thereby gives you a faster return on investment.

The CIP nozzles on top of the exchanger ensure that plates are easy to clean without expensive interruptions during production.

Flowproen can deliver anything from a single Process Therm unit to a complete package including transition pieces, pre-heater and pump station for the circulation water.

We can also advise on other purposes of Process Therm like the production of district heating.

Product advantage: 

Maintenance-free in dust loaded air.

No expensive interruptions since cleaning takes place during production through CIP system.

Faster return on investment.

Low maintenance cost.

Compact design and simple installation.

Good thermal operating efficiency due to high heat transfer coefficients.

Enhanced heat recovery through condensation of moisture.

Long life due to stable and durable corrosion resistant materials.

Air flow from 000 to 300.000 kg/h.

Heat duty from 50 kW to 10 MW.

Fields of application: 

All processes with the presence of large amounts of dust in the discharge air (such as spray dryers)

For example in food, chemical, wood, paper and textile industries.

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Energy saving relevance in argentine industries.

Energy saving relevance in argentine industries

Our CEO Andrés Barco will participate as a speaker on an online meeting organized by Argentine Portuguese Business Chamber.

The meeting’s name is Energy efficiency in Argentina: CABA and PBA look and energy saving as a solution in productive processes.

Wednesday 25/11 – 11hs (Arg)

Free activity with previous inscription and limited places.

👉 Save your place entering this link: https://lnkd.in/dJsdEwU

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Food & Beverage.

This is the well-known process to sterilize the beverage. Heat it up to certain temperature and hold it to sterilize for a period (usually a few seconds to a minute) After that, it goes to be cooled down. Not only for the beverage, milk, milk product, soya, sauce, liquid, sugar, alcohol and any other liquor has also the same application.

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We offer solutions to our customer’s needs.


Two companies have worked together to achieve a great successful case related to energy saving.

Ardal S.A., the principal producer of autoclaved aerated concrete bricks (AAC), based in Victoria, Entre Ríos, Argentina, presented the need to have a solution for energy saving. Flowproen, a company specialized in providing industrial equipment which aims at reducing costs and optimizing those processes, analyzed the situation with the customer to understand the needs and presented the heat recovery Skid FLOW 250/ST CW Automatic, which offered Ardal great benefits.

Why did Ardal contact Flowproen?

Ardal had identified an important energy saving point but there were technical issues to solve and that is why they decided to contact Flowproen.

The customer told us that they had never had any energy saving equipment and that some years ago, they tried to make use of the exhausted steam energy by using a coil designed and made in their own workshop, which only worked for six months and was removed from the process because the erosion ended up destroying the equipment.

Distinguishing characteristics of the heat recovery Skid

The customer was amazed at the heat recovery Skid (FLOW 250/ST CW Automatic) characteristics and benefits, and told us the three most important items for them:

‘They highlighted the quality of control elements used, valves, sensors, motor, etc. They told us the PLC works at any parameter correcting fast. They highlighted the Skid has become a very important piece of the system because it doesn’t produce any mistakes and it is very precise. Finally, they remarked on the compact size of the Skid and its high transfer capacity. It’s a small equipment which adapts easily due to the fact that it is placed in a Skid.”

Benefits obtained by the customer after implementing the heat recovery Skid

The customer highlighted the reduction of a 9.7% in gas consumption, according to his records, from the beginning of the setup and during the following months.  This reduction represents a considerable cost and helps to payback the equipment.

They told us that the increase in the temperature of the feedwater to boiler not only advantage the evaporation rate, helping recovery during moments of high steam consumption, but also reduce boiler vibrations. The feedwater enters the boiler with a smaller percentage of dissolved oxygen and consequently there is a reduction of chemicals in the treatment of the feedwater.


Final results

  • 9.7% Energy Saving
  • 301,6 Tn/Year reduction of CO2 emission
  • Investment payback in less than a 20-year-period
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